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Fetta di Pizza (FDP)

Address: G-1, Chinar Residency, outside Mewara Hospital, Kishan Ganj, Main Road, Mhow, MP, India - 453441

Area / Landmark: Mhow, Bhanwarilal Restaurant

Contact Us: +91-93116-55785

Cuisines: American, Fast Food / Snacks, Ice Cream, Italian, Multiple
Features: Al-Fresco (Open-Air) Seating, Casual Dining, Eat-In, Home Delivery, Roof-Top, Self-Service, Take-Away
Menu: View Menu
Specialities: Burger, Mac And Cheese, Naanizza, New York Style Pizza, Pizza, Pizza By Slice, Tater Tot Hot Dish, Thin-Crust Pizza
Avg. Price/Head: ₹ 250
Budget: ₹₹₹
Bar/Alcohol Served: No

About Restaurant

Fetta di Pizza (FDP) - a new rocking express restaurant and primarily a pizzeria, by the legendary Chef's Alcove, opens its doors in the army area of Mhow, near Indore, on 17 December 2022 !! It serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian food !!

As the name suggests, fetta di pizza (meaning a slice of pizza in Italian language), this restaurant will be serving pizzas by slices - a rather uncommon thing in Indore and definitely very unique for Mhow, so far !! Slices are cut out of a large 18" diameter pizza !!

As you can see in the specialities above, this pizzeria serves not only the regular whole pizzas and slices in New York style base/crust, but also some very uncommon / new ones for Indore & Mhow !! One of them is a NAANIZZA !! Again, as the name suggests, it is pizza made on a freshly-baked Naan, the famous Indian bread !! This is not a regular pizza in toppings also - the Naan is topped with Paneer Tikka Makhni, Chicken Tikka Makhni or Soy Matar Keema or Mutton Keema, and then loaded with cheese and baked to perfection !!

On special orders, FDP can also make the DETROIT STYLE PIZZA, CHICAGO DEEP-DISH PIZZA, or NEAPOLITAN PIZZA !! For the 1st time in the state of MP, and probably available only at 2-3 restaurants in #India, is this Detroit-style pizza, which is rapidly becoming popular across the world !! Offshoot of the Sicilian pizza, Detroit style pizza is square cut, with a thick crunchy crust and blackened (near burnt) cheese oozing out from its edges !!

The CHICAGO DEEP-DISH PIZZA, which also is absolutely new to Indore and the region !! And similarly, must be the first in MP !! The base/crust of this pizza has a buttery, pie/biscuit-like taste, and this crust is topped first with cheese, then the toppings (vegetables or meats), and is finally topped with a chunky tomato !! So, you can call it an upside-down pizza pie too ;) 

And as Chef Karan Kakkar says "there are many kinds of uncommon but great pizzas I have thought of offering at Fetta di Pizza, over time, as we will introduce Indore and the region to the global pizza trends" !! Check the latest menu (above) for complete list of pizza crusts and all offerings at FDP !!

Besides new pizzas and the regular ones, FDP also serves some other very unique dishes for Indore/Mhow - such as the Tater Tot Hot Dish (TTHD) !! "TTHD is Minnesota's famous potato shots, baked with cheese and/or with flavourings", as explained by Chef Kakkar !!

FDP also serves delicious burgers, paninis, pastas including mac n cheese, salads, chilly cheese toasts, garlic breads, rolls, chips, fries, and the INDIAN COMBOS including Paneer Tikka Makhani with Naan, Soy Keema Matar with Naan, Chicken Tikka Makhani with Naan, Mutton Keema with Naan, and more !!
Beverages include ice cream floats, flavoured colas, cold coffee, milkshakes, iced teas, hand-beaten hot coffees (dalgona), hot chocolate, non-alcoholic beers, and aerated drinks of various brands from Coca Cola Company (Coke, Thums Up, Fanta, Sprite, etc.), seltzers from Amul, and Red Bull, etc. !!

For the sweet-tooth, FDP has very exciting and rocking options of divine cheesecakes, gooey Brownies with ice cream, and various ice cream sundaes !!

You can't miss enjoying food from FDP !! Available for eat-in, take-away and home-delivery (through their own staff and through apps also) !!

To know more about Chef's Alcove, visit the link or read below:

Chef's Alcove is family-run global street-food restaurant / delicatessen (deli) serving a wide variety of very fresh food & beverages in many cuisines !! Like an authentic street-food deli, food is made fresh, upon order, and the menu also changes frequently !! A truly multi-cuisine street-food deli this, it offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, American, British, Greek, Indian, Lebanese, Australian, and German cuisines !! There is a wide range of desserts too including the unique and deliciously divine 'Browffle' (a great combination of brownie & waffle) !! It has self-service concept, and has a capacity to seat around 70 people at a time !! It Rocks !! You must try the specialities here including the Thin-crust Pizzas, Vegetable Cheese Jalapeno Burger, Hot Chicken Strips Gyro, Vegetable Burrito, Cheese Chilli Toast, etc. and the various beverages including the very special home-style Hand-Beaten Hot Coffee, Sparkling Citrus Water, and Nojitos (non-alcoholic mojito) !!

Breads, buns, rolls, pizza bases, pasta sauces, and almost all other basic ingredients are made in-house - all of which can be ordered to take home also !! At this new outlet, there is a gourmet store also, from where you can buy exotic imported cheeses, unique spices, flavourings, condiments, dry pastas, sauces, and various breads !!

Chef's Alcove accepts credit/debit cards, Paytm & other mobile wallets, and of course cash !!

If you book & plan in advance, the chef can prepare many things not on the menu, such as Tortellini, Ravioli, Biryaani, Cheesecakes, Tiramisu, Amritsari Chhole-Kulche, Cheese Paraanthaas, Egg Paraanthaas, and much more !! This can be done for a small party of 15-20 people or even for just a dinner for 2-4 people !! You can also take their bakeries and other dishes for parties at home, also on advance order !! However, please note that Chef's Alcove neither serves any kind of alcohol nor allows guests to bring any of their own !!

Chef Karan Kakkar is the executive chef of the restaurant (deli), who has a great passion for cooking the authentic and best food in very many cuisines of the world !! Prior to opening his own restaurant in Indore, Chef Kakkar has worked at India's most prestigious hotel - the Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai - where he was working at the hotel's very premium members-only club, The Chambers !! There, he has served to some of the most iconic people of India's corporate world including Mr. Ratan N. Tata, Mr. Adi Godrej, Mr. Kumarmanglam Birla, and many more !! At Taj, he's also cooked his delicacies at private parties of top celebrities including Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Ms. Parmeshwar Godrej, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar and the Indian Cricket Team, Mr. Brad Pitt & Ms. Angelina Jolie, Mr. Bryan Adams, Mr. Mark Knopfler, and so many more !!

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Location, Branches & Other Details

Timings: 01:00 PM To 11:00 PM(Closed on Tuesday)
Party Facilities:
Payment Options: Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card
Branches: Chef's Alcove-Rau | Fetta di Pizza (FDP)-

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