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Shri Mohankheda Tirth, Rajgarh

Address: Shri Mohankheda Mahatirth, Rajgarh (Sardarpur), Distt. Dhar (MP) - 454116

Area / Landmark: Rajgarh /Mohankheda Maha Tirth

Contact Us: +91-7296-242225, +91-7296-245837, 91-94250-47092

Category Attraction
Distance From
Railway Station: 106.00 km
Bus Stand: 2.50 km
Airport: 106.00 km

About Attraction

Shri Mohankheda Mahatirh (Jain Tirth) is situated in Rajgarh,Distt. Dhar (MP)  near Indore !! 

Lord Shree Shantinath Temple :

There is also a temple on the upper part of the temple with the Tirthankara Lord Shantinath !! In addition to Moolnayakji in its sanctum, the statues of Shri Padma Prabhuji, Shri Seemandhara Swamiji, Prabhu Shri Mahavir Swamiji, Shri Vimalnathji, Shri Adinathji, Shri Sheetalnathji are decorated !! These statues are revered by Dada Gurudev Shrimad Rajendra Surishwarji, Shri Yatindra Surishwarji and Vidyachandra Surishwarji, including those statues which were once again enshrined in the temple before the eminence !! There are steps in both the sides of the temple to go to this temple !!
Shree Yugadidev Adinathji Temple : The marble-built Trishikhari Sri Adinathji Temple located in the left part of the main temple has been built by Shah Shankarlalji Dharmapatni Hulasibai, a resident of Kosholav !! Its reputation v. No. Magha Sudi 12 of 2504 (Vikram No. 2034) was done by Acharya Bhagwant Shri Vidyachandra Surishwaraji on Sunday !! In this temple, the Shwetambar statue of the giant Shyamvarni Kayotsarg mudra of sixteen feet one inch height of the first Tirthankara Lord Adinathji sits !! The statue is located on the Ashtamangal posture and Chamara sloping Apsaras are displayed near both their feet !! There are steps around the statue to worship !! There are Chaumukhaji on both sides of this statue, which has the idols of Tirthankara Lord Shri Vardhaman !! Lord Rishabhdev, Lord Chandraprabhu and Shri Varaishen Prabhu !! The temple has Navpad Siddhachakra on one side and Sri Shatrunjay Mahatirth Patta on the other side !!
Shree Parshwanath Temple : On the occasion of Shri Mohankheda Pratishtha Festival again, the prestige of this Parsvanath temple with three peaks on the right side of the main temple was also completed. This temple has been constructed by Saudharmvaruttattagachar Srisangh and Tharad Jain Youth Board, Ahmedabad !! The temple has two 21-inch tall Padmasana statues of Shyamvarna of Lord Parshwanath !! He was respected on the 12th Sunday of Veer Samvat 2504 (Vikram Samvat 2034) by the lotus of Acharya Bhagwant Shri Vidyachandrasurishwaraji !! The temple also has a two-level eternal chamukhaji !! In which eight statues have been carved !! In the middle of the temple, the Mahayantra of Sri Vis Sthan is also installed on the wall !!
Lord Shree Adinathji's Pagliyaji : Jain tradition also has the tradition of establishing the foot padukas of Tirthankara Bhagwantas, Acharyas and Muni Bhagwantas !! Shrimadvijay Rajendra Surishwarji !! There is a Pagliyaji of Lord Adinathji on which a small temple is built !!

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Distance From :
Railway Station: 106.00 km
Bus Stand: 2.50 km
Airport: 106.00 km

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