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Benefits of Shirshaasan/Yoga

Address: 303, Apollo Trade Centre, A. B. Road, Indore, MP, India - 452001

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Timings: 05:00 PM To 07:00 PM
Date: March 26, 2020 To December 31, 2020
Location: Geeta Bhawan Square
Category: Health
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"Yog (Yoga) is a symbol of universal aspiration for health and well-being. It is health assurance in zero budget" - Prime Minister Narendra Modi 

Make Yog a part of your daily life !
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Common Yoga Protocol

Some of the benefits of Shirshaasan (Sirsasana) 
Also know as Headstand, Yoga Headstand, Salamba Shirshasana, etc. !! 
(as taken from

"1. Natural treatment for Hair Loss: Losing hair is awful and is a definitive representation of your health. One may not be able to fully stop the hair fall but can surely slow down the process with the practice of headstand. Sirsasana increases blood flow and provides nutrients to the scalp region thus decreasing hair fall and the onset of grey hair.

2. Calms the Brain: The upside-down position of headstand amplifies the flow of blood to the brain. The freshly-oxygenated blood stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands which calm and rejuvenate the mind. The practice of headstand combined with deep breathing is a powerful recipe for relieving stress, depression, and insomnia.

3. Increases focus: When you go upside-down, the blood flow is directed from the feet to the head. This improves mental function and in turn, elevates the focus of the person. Also, enhanced blood flow decreases tensions and makes your mind sharper and clearer.

4. Therapeutic for a Headache and Migraine: Sirsasana effectively relaxes and strengthens the blood vessels in the brain thereby preventing headaches and migraine. Also, the practice of headstands increases nutrients in the mind that tranquilizes the brain and prevents headaches.

5. Strengthens Arms and Shoulders: Sirsasana strengthens the core by improving the upper body strength, and muscle endurance. By holding yourself up in the headstand, utilizing the forearms, shoulders and back to keep the head and neck relaxed, you are able to lengthen the spine and relax the vocal muscles.

6. Improves Digestion: By performing an inversion, you allow the effects of gravity to be reversed on the digestive system that removes stuck material, releases trapped gases, and increases the blood flow to the digestive organs.

7. Treats Diabetes Naturally: Diabetes is the byproduct of the improper functioning of the pituitary glands whose symptoms itself manifest in the malfunctioning of the pancreas that increases the development of diabetogenic hormones. The practice of headstand effectively promotes healthy brain functions that control pituitary glands and thus help in combating diabetes.

8. Triggers Lymphatic System: The lymphatic system is responsible for the removal of fluids from the tissues and waste products from the blood. When you flip onto your head, you stimulate the lymphatic system and assist in removal of toxins from the body.

9. Enhance your Sensations: The practice of headstand increases the blood supply in the body and enhances the functions of the sensory organs while curing various problems like bad hearing, myopia, astigmatism perfectly.

10. Cure For Piles and Varicose Vein: The disease of piles and enlarged veins occur due to the accumulation of the blood within the anus and legs. The sirsasana yoga posture breaks down the blood build-up in the veins and anus and transfers it to other parts of the body while alleviating the problem of piles and varicose veins effectively."

With Sirsasana, reap the benefits you deserve and live a holistic, balanced and peaceful life.

CAUTION: This pose, Shirshaasan, is NOT advised in case of high blood pressure, heart palpitations, glaucoma, hiatal hernia or during menstruation !

Shirshaasan, along with Sarvaangasan and Padmaasan, is one of the aasans most often reported as the cause of an injury !



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