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Sarafa Bazaar


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Railway Station: 3.00 km
Bus Stand: 4.00 km
Airport: 5.00 km

About Attraction

Indore Sarafa (Sarāfā) Bazaar is traditionally famous for its Gold & Silver jewellery, gems, etc. like any other city's jewellery market, but what may be probably unique to Indore's Sarafa Bazaar is the interesting fact that it turns into a street-food lover's paradise every single night (after 8 pm till way past midnight) !!

Makers of traditional Indian savouries and sweets, and now the Western snacks also, line up their kiosks/carts outside each jewellery shop - their places remain fixed !! The association of this street-food market (yes, you read it right) only allows certified makers of very high-quality offerings, and only vegetarian !! There are some all-day permanent restaurants too, offering snacks and sweets, and also a restaurant (bhojnaalay) serving full meals !!

This night street-food market in Indore offers a huge variety of Indore's gastronomic specialties such as  aaloo tikki, chhole-tikiya, dahi vada, bhutte ka kees, garaadu, samosa, kachori, paani - puri, dahi papdi, dahi chaat, sabudana ki khichdi (sago) , paav - bhaaji, paraanthaa (paratha), idli, dosa, sandwich, pizza, fried rice, noodles, vegetable munchurian, jalebi (and jalebaas), maalpuaa, rabdi, gulab jamun, shikanji (with rabdi & curd), kulfi, falooda, ice cream, fruit salad, gajak, etc., only to name a few !!

A must-visit place if you are a foodie and want to try some of Indore's best & most rocking traditional snacks & sweets !! It helps if you are nocturnal or if no other eating joint in the city is open the time you are hungry !!

Parking is not available in the market, though there are spaces before entering the market from all four sides !! As this is in the old city, lanes are very narrow and miscreants do get their two-wheeled vehicles that disturb people here !! And you'll have to be careful of the stray cattle (cows) and dogs that go around in the market !!

Bottled water and mineral water, in addition to aerated drinks (soft drinks) and coconut water, are available in plenty here !! Indore Rocks requests you to kindly keep the city litter-free and thus, throw disposable plates, bowls, spoons, and papers only in the bins there !! Indore Police's station is right there in the market and cameras cover the whole market at day and night !!

Out of many shops/stalls in Sarafa, you may want to check out these by clicking on their names below, or check out the whole comprehensive list of more than 30 joints in the Restaurants+ section of the website by just typing 'Sarafa' in the 'What are you looking for?' search box !!

- Sarafa - Babulal Agrawal Ice Cream

The famous TV anchor Ms. Barkha Dutt enjoying delicious food at this world-famous night street food market Sarafa, with the team in this video:


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Distance From :
Railway Station: 3.00 km
Bus Stand: 4.00 km
Airport: 5.00 km

User Rating & Reviews

Aditya JAin April 28, 2017
 "Sarafa Ratri Bazaar"
Sarafa Bazar is well known to all. I need to to say much about it. Best place for foodies and veg. Foodies I would say. A place where food is a religion, the shopkeeper don't serve food they love to people's smile when they have food. If you are in Indore do visit Sarafa Bazar, but remember after 8:30 PM...
Akash Jain April 27, 2017
 "Sadda adda"
As I am a hostler Sarafa is my second mess whener I feel hungry in latnight Sara is best choice of mine me and my frnds many many times visited there. Must visit ones then u will be addicted
Yashraj Dhillon July 21, 2014
 "A sight to see. Amazing !!"
Sarafa is one of those rare markets in India which brings together so many cultures and traditions from all over India. The crowd it pulls and the atmosphere it creates is a sight to see.

As soon as night falls this daytime market shuts down and transforms into this huge food hub for people of all tastes and choices.

Ice cream, faluda, chaats, chowmeins, the famour Garadus, Joshi's world famous dahi bade, the paan centres and the pani-puri-bhelpuri places. Sarafa has it all.

A market which builds up at sunset and carries on till 2-3 in the morning is a rare sight in India. And the crowd and atmosphere it builds is a marvel. Safety is also not an issue at Sarafa and it has a very family friendly touch to it.

A must visit for all Indoris and tourists. If you haven't been here yet, go now. This place is a true gem of Indore. 
Siddharth Agrawal January 18, 2014
 "World's Best ! A must visit !"
If you live in Indore and never been here, You do not Exist !
Foodies Hometown !
One of  "The Most Happening Places to Visit for a person !"
 "No Review"