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Food Festival

Name Dawaat-E-Wazwan - Kashmiri Food Festival
Restaurant Indore Kitchen
Date Jun 14, 2019 - Jun 23, 2019

Festival Details

Origin of Kashmiri food lies in the migration of craftsmen and cooks to Kashmir Valley during Taimur’s invasion !! These cooks from the Samarkand Valley are known as “Wazas” who created this lavish cuisine distinct with flavors !! The royal Wazwan of Kashmir takes hours of preparation and includes elaborate multi-course meal !!

Hotel Indore Marriott brings you the authentic flavours of Kashmiri cuisine from valley to your plate !!
"Experience the culinary journey of flavours and aromas at this rocking food festival at Dawaat-E-Wazwan 'Kashmiri Food Festival' in Indore Kitchen !! Enjoy the authentic, traditional Kashmiri cuisine and treat your taste-buds with the exotic Kashmiri flavours from Rom Rogan Josh to Modur Pulav and from Kashmiri Kheer to Kahwa !!

Indulge in the exotic appetizing menu and enjoy to celebrate the paradise in the most heavenly way !! 

Timings: 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM !! Rs. 1299.00 + taxes per person !!

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